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Affordable Disability Income Insurance

If you are like most people, you have insurance on your house, your car and other items of value. But, you may have overlooked protecting what is often your most valuable asset – your ability to generate an income. The same income that allows you to accumulate, and pay for, the other assets you hold dear. Disability income insurance helps protect a portion of your income and provides a fundamental layer of security for your financial future.

Insuring Your Most Valuable Asset

What is it?
Insurance protection that pays benefits if you become too sick or hurt to work.
Who needs it?
Anyone who depends on their income to pay the bills or maintain their lifestyle should consider disability income

Insurance protection.

What is covered?
A percentage of your earned income is covered. Generally speaking, the benefits paid on an individually owned disability income insurance policy are tax-free.1 Your employer may provide disability income insurance. But if the coverage won’t provide at least 60% of your income, won’t pay benefits up to age 65, and has a waiting period longer than your savings will keep you afloat, you’ll probably need private insurance, too.

How to Apply

You can apply for Health Insurance coverage, Individual/Family Plan in one of three ways: Online Get a Quote to compare plan features such as deductibles, copays, and premiums. Then Apply using the online application. You can also apply directly without getting a quote.

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